Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goat vs. Barack Obama

Who has more fans? Our goat.. or Barack Obama?


  1. Goat is exactly what you see and doesn't need a teleprompter!

  2. Dumbest shit ever. Really? All these people probably want palin for prez too. Hmmm, let's see. A constitutional law professor or beauty queen that quits her job as govenor to make millions pandering to the ignorant masses for president? Seems like a tough choice. I'll take the hopey changey stuff thank you.

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  4. Yo, PDCNW (Pretty Dumb & Childish Nit Wit):

    Your "constitutional law professor" doesn't know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. During his State of the Union address, Ob-a-a-a-ma attributed "the notion that we are all created equal" to the Constitution. This is actually part of the Declaration of Independence. You have to wonder if O-bummer read his lectures at the University of Chicago Law School from a teleprompter.

    Can't wait for the new movie "Dems Staring At Goats" -- coming to a theater near you November 2012.

  5. Movie poster for "The Dems Who Stare At Goats" (coming to a theater near you November 2012) >>

  6. AND the goat Mr. PDCNW probably doesn't think we have 57 states!

  7. This is a great idea, kudos for thinking of it. Think of this, POTUS may be a kin of your goat in that he has eaten the Constitution like a goat eating a lawn. Go Goat!

  8. Um PDCNW; Pandering to the ignorant masses? Isn't that a hallmark of the Democrat Party?

  9. I'm going to blog about this tomorrow. I'll link back to here and the Facebook page. Thank You!

  10. yo!

    whoever runs this hit these guys up!

  11. Anybody who believes Obongo is more than a banker puppet needs to stop drinking the kool-aide and smoking Kools for that matter.

  12. I am 15 years old and i am useing my right of speach to express how i feel about obama and his administration

    If you look at obama "CHANGES" he claimed to make durring the time he was running for president.

    He Claimed he was going to do:

    -pull out from iraq

    -fix the economy

    -Healthcare reform

    What he Has actualy done

    -it took the US to Get ove one trillion dollars in debt~it only took him 1 year

    -he has sent MORE troops to Iraq and biden has claimed all the progress to him and obama but it was all bush and his administation that had all the progress

    -his cash for clunkers plan to get us out of the economic ressesion had many flaws

    1)all the people that had those cars like the "Red-necks" as some of us may call them; didnt have the money to buy a new car even with the exra cash so those vehicles still are on the road

    2)i know of many people that had used this progam and they turned around and bought that didnt help us all

    -one of his heathcare plans is simalar to canadas and it would rase taxes and everyone would be forced to pay in to fund it

    more items that i would like to have addressed

    -social security is going to be a huge problem down the road because the money is going to run out and then we the workforce will have highr=er taxes to help fund it

    -keep in mind that i am a christan

    -----poverty i think that we need to not completely stop giving aide to other countries because of poverty and ohter things but look at us we are no better our poverty isnt inexistant so we should step back and take care of some of our ovn problems

  13. Funny how some people are frothing over a goat. haha Are these people adults? They aren't acting like it. For those who bash good people like Sarah Palin by making sexist statements like "beauty queen"-those contests give SCHOLARSHIP money. Do you realize how offensive your rude statements are in that regard? We all know that the talk is just because Gov. Palin resigned yet she is very much perceived threat.